Fresh fruit Vs. Dehydrated fruit Which is better

Fresh fruit Vs. Dehydrated fruit Which is better

“A pineapple a day keeps the worries away” – Quote by unknown source.

Rajesh and Puja Verma of South Delhi, run a successful pharmacy and other small allied industries. They are parents to two talented teenagers and often like to take off for weekend road trips in their car.

Unfortunately, this year their plans had come to naught with the Covid-19 pandemic and thus are homebound. They are itching to get away and can’t wait for 2021 any time sooner. On their trips, they load up with a host of easy – to – carry snacks such as fruits, trail mixes and nuts, as everyone gets hungry. For their next trip, they are planning to load up on Ingredients brand of dehydrated fruits which would make for excellent munchies in every respect. Let's read why they make for excellent companions, just as the Verma family thinks so.


Longevity -Dehydrated fruits are a no – brainer winner when it comes to deciding whether fresh or dehydrated fruits last longer. As we all know, fresh fruits have to be consumed within 2 or 3 days before they start displaying all symptoms of rotting. This is as we know not the case of dehydrated fruits which can be stored / enjoyed for as long as 6 months and more. With dehydrated fruits by your side, one does not need to worry about perishable commodities and wastage.


Easy to Carry– Dehydrated fruits come in easy to carry bottles / packs etc, thus are easy to carry, store, pack, and enjoyed while going to work, picnic, road trip, or even international trip on a flight. There is no messy scene for example that the banana squashed itself with the clothes or that the orange juice is dribbling all over the car. Now isn’t that a delight and relief for all you fussy clean people? No more messy trips and juices dribbling on office shirts just ahead of important client meet.


Light weight– Dehydrated fruits as we all know are lightweight, so they are easy to carry without feeling the weight. You can slip into a lady’s purse, picnic hampers, office desks and road trip meal bags without a care in the world about the baggage weight which comes with carrying fresh fruits such as apples, oranges, melons and so on. Don’t feel the weight on your body or mind, when it comes to travelling with dehydrated fruits.


Available around the clock –Fresh fruits are seasonal, dehydrated have the advantage of being available round the year. Thus, they can be enjoyed at any time of the year; one is not bound by the limitations of the season. Thus, winter fruits can be enjoyed at the height of summer and vice versa.


Nutrients –Like fresh fruits, all the nutrients in dehydrated fruits are intact except water-soluble vitamins. They have the same properties so from a health point of view there is not much difference overall.


So you can see the many advantages / benefits of dehydrated fruits as your lo

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